Monday, May 28, 2007

All Moved In

After 5 days of hauling our every possession across town we are exhausted. We got a last minute call saying the previous owners were moving out 2 days earlier than expected, so everything shifted into high gear. We decided to paint Syd's room prior to moving in so we hurried out to Home Depot for some purple paint.
Our favorite electrician Jeff stopped over for some gas to electric conversions. What a great guy! The kids were fascinated by his tool belt and hovered over him watching. When I checked back in he had them screwing in all the switch plates. An hour later they were all sitting in a circle playing Duck Duck Goose!

I cannot thank our friends & family enough for all their blood, sweat & tears. Literally! My dad threw out his back but still managed to paint Syd's room & unload truck load after truck load. Mom, fell off the trailer while carrying a dresser & has a huge black eye. The rest of us managed to say injury free except for some rose bush scratches. Our new house had tons of landscaping; floral & fauna galore, but there are some wicked rose bushes that we all managed to back into while carrying some huge piece of furniture.

As for the sweat. For the first time all season Ohio pulled out an 82 degree super muggy weekend. So we were all dripping. Until the rains came! I don't know which was worse?

Kevin & Jackie Hofmeister
Bob Horger
Scott Frase
Tim Pester
Alliance Baseball: Alex, Alden, Kamrin, Regan
Greg & Liz Earley
Mom & Dad

Today we took a break from unpacking boxes and headed outside to clean up the garage & yard. Andrew & Sydney were instantly consumed by neighborhood kids. Within the hour they were one of the pack traveling from house to house; riding bikes, on the playset, slip in slide, and in the sandbox. By lunch time Andrew was exhausted. I fed him and while I changed his pants he fell asleep on the changing table. He took a short hour nap and was back out there. We are so thrilled with our neighborhood. Everyone is friendly, we even got 2 welcome baskets. We lived in our old house for over 5 years and do not even know the names of most of the people around us.

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