Saturday, January 13, 2007

Disney On Ice

Andrew had a fun afternoon with Grandpa Greg & Grandma Liz today while we took Sydney out for a special day. Disney on Ice, Princess Wishes! Needless to say she was very excited, wish I could say the same for Matt! But our seats made up for it. Right down on the ice!

The costumes & scenery were spectacular. But, the most memorable part of the evening was Sydney's "light bulb" moment. She was watching the Little Mermaid portion of the show when Flounder skates by. For those who don't know Flounder is a fish. In the show the skater is wearing a large cosutme in perfect likeness to the real Flounder except for the fact that his legs are sticking out the bottom to allow him to skate. I took a picture but you cannot see the legs too clearly. Anyway, Sydney looks at Flounder and turns to me and says "Flounder doesn't have legs!" Not sure what to say, I reply "he has to have legs to skate". Sydney says "you mean there's a people in there?". I felt sorry for her as a little of the magic faded away.

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