Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First Words

How come kids never say mommy for their first word?? I know daddy is easier but still. :) Nevertheless, I am happy to say Andrew said his first English words. He now says daddy, bye and Bob. He also says moo for cows and cockadoodldoo but I'm not so sure those count.

I would say his transition has been a success. He definitely knows who his mom & dad are and has no problem letting us comfort him when he is upset. Which is a crucial step in the attachment process. Although, he is very clingy. I guess I would be too if everyone I knew was now gone. He holds onto us so we wont disappear too.

Along with TBall Sydney is taking art class this summer. She loves to paint & make crafts so this class was perfect for her. Last week they painted and this week they made faces with clay. I'm not sure where her artistic side came from, neither Matt or I are???

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