Thursday, December 08, 2005

I love the mailman

I about broke a hip on the ice running from my mailbox to the house. Our mailman left two gifts in our mailbox today. First, we received our visa approval!!! This is a huge step towards bringing Andrew home. This visa allows him to enter the US as our immediate family member. Now the only item preventing Andrew's arrival is his Korean passport. Unfortunately, Korea implemented a passport quota which means they will only issue a set number of orphan passports per year. So we know Andrew will not be arriving in 2005 but hopefully this quota will not cause too much of a back up in 2006. Nevertheless, it is very exciting to be in the final stage!!!

Icing on the cake was the second item in the mailbox. An update report from Korea! It included new pictures and report of Andrew's progress. Our little one is now 8 months old, 18 pounds, 25 inches long. He is crawling, sitting up unsupported and sleeping from 11 pm - 6 am. He is also noted as easy going & loves fruit.

Andrew was moved from the KSS orphanedge to foster care on Aug 25th. His foster mom is Lee, Hae Kyung who has been a foster mom for 11 years.


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