Friday, November 04, 2005

Still Waiting...

Well, another week has past and we are still waiting for "The Call" with news of our little boy. I am starting to hate Fridays because its very unlikely we will get baby news over the weekend. Matt keeps telling me to be patient but I want to see his face so badly. Thank goodness we have sweet little Sydney to keep us busy. I really feel for those adoptive parents who do not have other children as a distraction.

This feeling reminds me of the days leading up to my first ultrasound of Sydney. I desperately wanted to see if it was a boy or girl and to make sure she was healthy. Waiting for this referral is very similar. Although we already know its a boy, we still want to see his face and find out his birthdate.

In a strange way I think once I see his face he will become "real". Even though he has been real in my heart for months my brain needs a visual.


"I chose you..... to add new joy to my life"

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